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Gérard de Pouvourville is a graduate of the Ecole Polytechnique, Doctor in Economics and Business Administration. During his career, he has worked on the following topics: comparative analysis of health systems, evaluation of public health policies, financing of health services, development of health information systems, economic evaluation of health actions.

Gérard de Pouvourville is a member of the Editorial Committees of the European Journal of Health Economics, the Journal of Medical Economics and the Social and Health Sciences. He participated in the creation of the journal Manage and Understand. He was a member of the National Research Committee at the CNRS, a member of the Scientific Council of INSERM and a director of INSERM. 


Scientific advisor to the Ministry of Health, Hospitals Department since 1982, Gérard de Pouvourville has been a consultant to public hospitals and numerous pharmaceutical laboratories.

Karine Lamiraud is the Associate Dean of Faculty at ESSEC Business School. She is a Professor of Health Economics and the chair holder of the Chair of Innovation and Health at ESSEC. Karine graduated from HEC (Grande Ecole) and holds a PhD from Paris School of Economics and the University of Lausanne.


Before moving to the ESSEC Business School, Karine was an Assistant Professor of Health Economics at the University of Lausanne for over four years. Karine also worked with Eli Lilly and was an economist with GlaxoSmithKline before starting an academic career.


Karine was an (appointed) invited scholar at Stanford University in 2019 and 2014, was an (appointed) invited Professor at the University of Lausanne (2010 – 2013) and visited the Department of Health Care Policy at Harvard University in 2005 as a Fulbright fellow. Karine serves as an expert at the European Commission on a regular basis. She has also worked as a consultant with the World Health


Organization (Geneva). Karine is a Member of the Board of Directors at the French Foundation for Rare Diseases and a member of the Board of Directors at ESSEC Business School.


Fabrice Cavarretta holds a PhD from INSEAD and a PhD in management sciences from Paris-Dauphine. He also holds degrees from Ecole Polytechnique, Stanford and Harvard. For about ten years, Fabrice Cavarretta was Division Director of a large media group in team management positions. He has also created start-ups in the field of social networks.


Today Fabrice Cavarretta is Professor of Leadership and Entrepreneurship at ESSEC. Passionate about the evolution of management and leadership, Fabrice Cavarretta is also a Researcher. His research topics focus on managerial doctrines and in particular lean management. His work has been published in major international scientific journals such as the Scientific entrepreneurship journal, the Journal of organizational behavior and the Leadership quarterly and industrial corporate change.


Fabrice Cavarretta is also the author of the book: "Yes, France is a paradise for entrepreneurs". This book in which he analyses the strengths and opportunities of the French entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Marie-Laure Caille is an executive trainer and coach who is passionate about helping individuals learn and grow so that they can reach higher levels of success in their professional and personal lives.

She uses her experience working for prestigious international organisations and consulting firms, and her comprehensive skill set to support the professionals, teams and organisations she works with.

She has lived and worked in Asia Pacific for more than 20 years. She is known for her ability to work at different hierarchical level (from junior managers to senior executives), across industries, with participants and clients from very diverse cultural backgrounds.

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